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A Pug's Life

All About Edie

I was born June 26, 2010 and chose my family August of that same year. 

As a wee pug puppy I’m told I was a bit naughty – don’t believe the gossip! I say it was just my artistic side trying to come through. I truly believe I was destined for fame and fortune – well at least fame, treats and the life of luxury. I live with two cats, but lets move on because it’s not about them……

Because of my LOVE of food and treats I may have put on a few extra – ok, many extra pounds. It took some time but I got on track and now lead a happier, healthier lifestyle. I help and hopefully inspire others by traveling to veterinarian conferences, clinics, and woofing with other pet parents, sharing my struggles and my ultimate weight loss success. I am Ambassador to Royal Canin Canada, the company whose food helped trim me down to the svelte, healthy, pug model that I am today.

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"Be Kind. Have Fun. BOL (Bark Out Loud)"

~ Miss Edie The Pug

Eight Great Things About Miss Edie

1. My favourite colour is red, as I believe it highlights my black silky fur.

2. My birthday is June 26th and there is no such thing as too many balloons to celebrating with.

3. Toys. I would never say no to a new toy, especially a soft fluffy squeaky toy.

4. Favourite food is Royal Canin Satiety Support – and believe it or not, my favourite treat is lettuce, the crunchier the better!

5. I LOVE car rides! There’s nothing more exciting than going on adventures, exploring new places, and checking out what’s new at the pet store!

6. Summertime is all about getting comfortable on my lawn chair, listening to the water fountain and watching birds fly by. Except for when those pesky squirrels invade my yard, disturb my pug nap, and make me get up to chase them!

7. Favourite places to visit – everywhere! I love attending pet events and making new friends, going to veterinary conferences (lots of vets, no needles), and visiting my friends at Royal Canin sends me into an absolute pug tizzy!

8. What does a pug like me do to wind down at the end of a busy day? Snuggling with my Humom – she knows just how to rub my ears.

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